The demand for better quality in the surface properties of plastics, particularly in terms of antistatic treatment, has led to the need for a reliable and consistent measuring system for the antistatic treatment of plastics.

The safest indicator for the antistatic treatment of a plastic surface is the surface resistance which in turn, is directly related to its conductivity, as the charging of plastic, which is random, will not falsify the measuring result.

Conclusions, relevant to the charging of plastics and therefore, for example their potential for attracting dust particles, can be drawn from the surface resistance.

The surface resistance also represents a defined measurable value, as opposed to traditional procedures such as dust room tests etc., which are susceptible to a number of other influences apart from the static charging which may invalidate the results.

Surface Resistance Measuring Device MGT-4

Brief description

The MECO Antistatic Tester MGT-4 is used as an operational measuring device for deter­mining the surface resistance of plastics in accordance with the DIN EN 61340-2-3 within the resistance tolerance levels of 1 x 10^5 to >1 x 10^12 Ohm.

The device is switched on or off by means of the ON/OFF switch. When not in use, the device will switch itself off after approx. 1 min.

To take measurements, the device is placed onto the surface to be measured in such a way that the measuring electrodes on the front of the device come into contact with the plastic surface.

The measured value is processed in one logarithmic amplifier stage and then passed on to a micro processor for evaluation.

The recorded value at this stage is then shown on a display and can be stored by means of a HOLD button in order to be able to take precise readings (in areas which are difficult to reach, for example).

For measuring sequences 500 measured values can be saved during the measurement by a simple keystroke. Subsequently, the values can be read-out again, whereas you have an optional choice to switch between the single values measured.

The electricity supply of the measuring device in done alternatively by an 9V-lithium or alkaline battery.

Data Sheet