These coating agents are suitable for the antistatic coating of thermoforming sheets, thermoformed parts, bags and foils for packaging for the food packaging area.

They comply with the requirements of the appropriate EC-Directives on the antistatic finishing of plastics in food packaging, they are environment-friendly and easily biodegradable.

MECOSTAT-3/09 waterbased antistatic / antiblocking agent for films (up to 1500µm)

MECOSTAT-3/11 waterbased antistatic / antiblocking agent (up to 800µm)

MECOSTAT-3/112 waterbased antistatic / antiblocking agent for films (up to 1000µm)

MECOSTAT-3/124 antistatic agent based on an alcoholic solution, very suitable for the application on flexographic and gravure printing systems

MECOSTAT-3/145 waterbased antistatic agent for food packing, very suitable for PS

MECOSTAT-3/336 highly concentrated antistatic agent, dilutable with Isopropylalcohol or demineralized water