MECOSTAT® – surface antistatic, antifogging- and antiblocking agents

The product line MECOSTAT-3 includes antistatic agents, antiblocking agents, lubricants, anti-sticking agents and antifogging coatings for several ranges of applications as

  • thermoforming sheets
  • technical sheets and plates
  • moulded, injection moulded and hollow bodied parts
  • packing of electronic devices
  • food packing
  • profiles
  • fabrics, mono- and multifilaments
  • EPS, foam materials

The highly effective surface antistatic agents of this product line work even at low air humidity. They effect a long-term antistatic finishing for several years. For the antistatic coating of food packing we offer admitted products. Antiblocking agents and lubricants are available as silicone-based and as silicone-free agents.

Also available are combined products, which combine the following properties

Antistatic – antiblocking – lubrication – antifogging